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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And then there was this

For those who follow my book Memories (previously posted on inkpop, now only found in its entirety on FictionPress), you know that Arthur and Tristan are together by now. And last night, I lurked inkpop for a bit and found that they seemed to be obsessed with sex in young-adult novels. So, there's this.

Note that this takes place farther into the book. This is after Arthur discovers his power to make other's powers not work extends to other bodily functions, like, as Katherine gives as an example, being able to stop people's hearts.

“Arthur, just because you have the power doesn’t mean you’d use it.” Tristan put a hand to my face and leaned into kiss me. I flinched away, but he moved in again. “I waited two years to be with you again, Arthur. I’m not afraid you’ll stop my heart.” He kissed me. “Not in the literal sense, anyway.”

“That one was corny even for you,” I said.

“And yet it’s true. I’m not keeping my hands to myself just because you know you could kill me now.” He pushed a piece of hair from my eyes and smiled. “It’s like Aunt Katherine said: you’re not that kind of guy. Right?”

Tristan seemed to know me better than I did. It made me feel better, though, to have someone that had such faith in me. He never doubted I could do something, including the right thing.

“…thanks,” I said. Tristan tried to move his arms around me, but I wasn’t in the mood and he could tell that. “I appreciate the support, Tristan. But you don’t need to feel like you need to always be touching me.”

Tristan took my hand in both of his. “That I can’t agree with.” He kissed me again, still holding my hand. “I kept thinking you weren’t real. I mean, how could you have been? You were amazing, and you actually wanted me. And then you were gone.” He put a hand to my cheek. “I feel like if I let go, you’ll disappear again.”

I frowned, and then I glanced to my bed. Tristan hadn’t even alluded to sex lately, but I thought about it. So I kissed him, pulling him by the collar until I hit my bed and he pushed me down so he could get on top.

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