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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deep, philosophical ramblings. Or not.

So I decided to post Memories on inkpop again and get back in there. Because as much as I would like to strangle that community, I met a lot of good people since I joined in November. So I decided to go back and just hang around, letting my writing get wherever it will.

And I've been amusing myself with the thought of people reading Memories and getting to the point where Tristan and Arthur have sex. It isn't even incredibly risqué, for those that read that scene. Arthur is afraid to touch people and Tristan assures him that he doesn't care if Arthur could kill him. So Arthur gets a bit emotional, and they end up having sex.

But the inkpop community seems so uptight when you bring up that subject. It just makes me laugh, I suppose. They're both eighteen or older, in love, and don't rush into it. I suppose we'll see how it goes :P

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