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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Artistic License progress

So I'm done feeling sorry for myself, at least for now. And according to the AL folder on Kaya (my laptop), I'm on the fifth draft. Said fifth draft might be finished next week. At this point I'm still counting drafts, but it's different from before.

Draft one was the first draft that I wrote back in November for NaNoWriMo.

Draft two was what I had posted on inkpop. It was an edit of draft one in which huge chunks were cut or rewritten, bringing the word count down from 82k to 63k.

Draft three was the draft I worked on before I got my review from HarperCollins. Mostly I worked on rewording things and the only detail I added to the story was Cameron having a pet name for Michael (Cameron now calls Michael babe most of the time :P)

Draft four occurred after I got the HarperCollins review. I worked in some of their suggestions but figured out how to avoid some on my own with rewrites of sections that weren’t even mentioned.

Draft five, which is what I’m currently working on, is more rewriting of various sections across the book. With the added and deleted details that happened while I was working with the HarperCollins review, some things need to be added into the story and some things need to be taken out. I don’t have the chapters together since I’m still tweaking them, so I don’t know the word count right now. Draft four runs at 62,260, which is a pretty good length for a general fiction YA novel.

I guess we’ll see how it goes then, huh?

In other news, I have my costume for PortCon almost completely gathered. I need red shoes and knee socks, and the overalls I got are khaki instead of denim, so my mom’s going to help me dye them. But I made the hat! Yes, made. I measured, patterned, cut and sewed it all by myself (well, mostly by myself).


Aren’t I adorable?

Until next time :)

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