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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Differences, I guess

It’s homecoming week in my town. Lincoln, Maine does not celebrate the Fourth of July like every other town; when we have fireworks, it’s for homecoming. I guess that’s just one difference between myself and other people when it comes to how we grew up.

I base my stories in Maine and use my experience growing up in a small Maine town to make the characters authentic. If that means people think they talk weird or want to know why they say ‘supper’ instead of dinner, or why they’re not wearing a coat when it’s fifty degrees out (fifty degrees isn’t cold, Florida!) then that’s just how it’ll have to be. Though admittedly, I haven’t gotten as many questions on my actual stories as I have on myself.

But that’s mostly because people are unaware that their way of life isn’t how everyone lives. This isn’t all that good for a writer. Why write, something that requires you to be aware of the world and maybe even do a LOT of research, when you’re so close-minded? Back when I was still active on inkpop, I got plenty of comments on my stories from other writers saying they couldn’t read them because they were about gay kids. What’s the point? If you’re going to at least try to make your life as a writer, you won’t make it very far if you refuse to acknowledge other ways of life exist.

Actually, continue on the way you’re going. I could always use a good laugh.

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  1. I know what you mean. :/ People are so narrow-minded you can't help but to laugh! I remember in a creative writing class back in high school, the heroine had a best (gay) friend, and while my teacher--she was a nut, a blackbelt in karate, and fired from three different schools--loved the character, most of the class gave me bad peer review because they didn't approve of the material. Ha.