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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inspiration comes in the weirdest places

I was editing Artistic License the other day, but I decided to take a break.  I’ve been playing a few video games on and off lately, one of which is Hotel Dusk: Room 215.  I realized two things after a while.

1: Cameron’s last name, Nile, came from the crime syndicate Nile in the game.

2: In AL, a bucket of white paint is thrown over Cameron’s painting for revenge.  In Hotel Dusk, a bucket of white paint is thrown over an important painting, though it’s by the person who made it in the first place.

These two things are rather small, but it seemed weird when I realized it.  I wasn’t even thinking about it in either case!  I made these two things from one of my favorite video games into my own, and I think that’s what I like about writing. Even when you take elements from another work of fiction, it’s different with each person that’s writing.

But on that note, there’s only about a week until I start submitting this thing I call a book, so I should probably get back to editing it.  Wanna make it hard for them to say no, after all!

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  1. That happens to me too! Except in Junebug, I accidentally wrote in a real-life scenario... which my good friend (who Rob is modeled after) called me out on it. Needless to say it has not been changed. :)