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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I’m participating in JulNoWriMo because I decided I need a good kick in the ass to get to writing again.  I haven’t written anything significant since Artistic License.  Part of that is probably because I got hit hard with depression in late November and December, but another part of that is probably that I was working so hard on AL, to get parts of it rewritten and the entire book edited that I’d just put actual writing to the side.

So, as I said, I decided to do JulNoWriMo.  It’s like NaNoWriMo, but it takes place in July (which is now, in case you weren’t paying attention).  I’m writing another gay romance story called I Heard It On The Radio, about a guy whose mother is a popular radio DJ in their town and likes to talk about her family on air.  Because of this, he has a hard time telling her anything for fear that she’ll talk about it on one of her shows and let the whole tri-city area know about one of his secrets.  Needless to say, she eventually finds out he’s gay and blabs about it, embarrassing him to no end.

That’s all I really feel like saying about it, though :P I’ll definitely be making a cover for it though, when I find the time between writing that and editing Artistic License.  I plan to have AL out in the querying world by August, after all!  Maybe I Heard It On The Radio will be my second novel!  I’d really love to make my living as a realistic fiction author, although I do have Memories, which is sci-fi.  So it’s kind of a problem.  But realistic fiction is my favorite, and good fiction books seem to be really lacking in the YA market these days.

I say that as if I think I can change it.  Hah, I wish.  It’s nice to dream, though.

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