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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fortissimo Drabbles

I've actually been posting these over on my Tumblr (which can be found here, but I thought, since this is my writing blog, I should post them here, too :) Since I already have a few out, I'm going to put them all in one post and then any others I write will have their own. These are just drabbles (VERY short stories) centering around my NaNoWriMo 2010 novel Fortissimo, and so far I've been using them to explain some background things for it :) Enjoy.

Fortissimo drabble

A spoon never seemed so heavy. I hated, hate, liquid medicine but I was sick and that was all we had in the house. Mom had to work for the first time in a month, so she said she’d come back after work with some liquid capsules or something.

“Riiiiiin!” That sing-song voice could only be Noelle, already in the house without even knocking on the door. I heard more footsteps than hers, though, and so I chugged the medicine and grabbed some paper towels I could gag into in case any of it came back up.

I managed to not throw up, though, which was good considering Noelle was bringing in two people I didn’t know, and it would’ve been kind of bad if they thought I was throwing up at their mere presence.

One was a girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. It was summer, so she was wearing the least-modest thing she probably thought she could get away with, meaning really short cut-off jeans and a belly-baring tank. She was dragging along the second person I didn’t know, but I didn’t get a good look at him before Noelle descended on me not unlike a vulture.

“I brought ice cream!” she said with a huge smile on her face, holding up a grocery store bag. I could barely make out the label on the tub. It was just plain old boring vanilla, but just the thought of trying to eat at all, ever made me queasy. I ended up running to the bathroom and making it just in time to hurl into the toilet.

Well, there went my medicine.

As I sat back from the toilet, I sighed and unbuttoned my pajama top. Even though I was a guy, I had always felt the need to be fully clothed even when it came to my night clothes. I was way too hot and sweaty to care about that, though.

“You gonna be okay?”

I jumped in surprise and looked to see Mystery Guy was there in the doorway, leaning in and looking concerned. I glanced around, but Noelle and her other friend were nowhere to be found.

“Yeah I… I guess I just have a stomach virus or something.” I tried to stand up, but the sudden rush made me dizzy and I started falling back. Mystery Guy caught my hand, and I ended up awkwardly leaning there in midair.

“I’m Keith, by the way. Keith Bowers. You may know my father.”

“The optometrist, right? We’ve met.” Understatement, considering I’d had horrible vision for years. I let Keith pull me to my feet, but I still felt dizzy so I didn’t protest when he steadied me by putting an arm around my waist. “I’m Rin, but I’m sure Noelle already told you that.”

Keith smiled, but before he could answer, Noelle was upon us. “Rin, you should go lay down! I’ll put in a movie.” She glanced between us and seemed to find Keith’s handling of the situation fine, because she went on her way.

“What movie did she get?” I asked.

“I dunno, but it has a giant pair of lips on the cover.”

Yeah, that figured.

Fortissimo drabble 2

My birthday is on August seventh. I used to hate the fact that my birthday was in the summer, because in elementary school, they always gave out candy to kids on their birthday. Once I hit junior high, though, I figured out it was better this way. There was a bitch of a teacher who liked to patrol the lunchroom and she’d single you out and make everyone sing happy birthday to you. As if I needed another reason for people to stare at me.

This particular birthday, I was turning sixteen. Both my parent had to work, but they promised they’d come home with a cake and let me have my presents. I had found them a week ago, but I wasn’t going to tell them that.

Noelle was otherwise occupied, so I was mostly just sitting in the kitchen, blasting my mother’s boom box and singing along because nobody could hear me. I’d been in choir all my life and was pretty much used to singing in a crowd, but I’d never gone for solos. I just… got nervous when someone listened to me sing on my own, even though the choir director, Mr. Kais, swears I had an awesome voice. I kind of think he’s required to say that, though.

It was in the middle of All Star that I heard the mail dropping to the floor through the slot.

“Greeeeat, more junk mail,” I muttered as I shut the boom box off and headed over. There were the usual credit card
applications and store flyers, but the one actual piece of mail… seemed to be for me.

I got the envelope opener out of a drawer in the kitchen and sliced it open on top. There was a small note inside, written on a lime-green sticky note. It said, “Happy birthday.”

No return address, no name, nothing. There was something else, though: a silver necklace chain with a charm shaped like a bass clef on it. I eyed the thing as I took it out of the envelope and hung it in front of my face.

The phone suddenly rang, and I piled the necklace in my hand and went over to answer it. “Young residence, this is Rin.”

“Riiiiiiin.” Noelle, of course. “Me, Aurora and Keith are right outside your house. If you aren’t proper get that way so we can go out!”

I glanced out the window, and sure enough, Noelle, Aurora and Keith were standing there. Noelle had her cell phone to her ear and was waving her free arm in the air frantically until she saw me looking. I was already dressed, of course. Without thinking, I put the necklace on and headed out.

Fortissimo drabble 3

Our high school wasn’t big, but I was still amazed at how crowded it seemed in the choir room as Aurora led me in. At the last GSA meeting, she had insisted I go to the Spring choir concert since I had missed the winter one.

I had never even thought about choir before; it was one of those things I knew existed, but I never really thought it was for me. Aurora kept telling me it was awesome, though, and that evening came down to either going to the choir concert or ordering pizza and a movie with my little sister. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with that, but she was less likely to guilt-trip me for missing a session of Disney princess movies.

Aurora was waving to everyone like they were all the best of friends, but she stopped at one group in particular. One girl and two guys, with the girl sitting on the taller guy’s lap.

“Keith! This is Noelle, Rin, and Gus,” she introduced. Rin was the one with the occupied lap, but he was also the one that was staring behind us. When Noelle noticed this, she turned to look.

Rin had been staring at a man standing up front with a little girl in his arms. He was talking to another man, who Aurora had pointed out earlier as the choir director Mr. Kais. The first man looked young, probably not very far out of high school. Then again, if the girl was his daughter, I suppose looks can be deceiving.

Before I could say anything, Aurora was tugging me along to meet more people. “Is Noelle Rin’s girlfriend?” I found myself asking.

Aurora stopped for a moment and looked like she was considering this. “Nah, they’ve been friends forever. I can’t imagine either of them would make it out alive if they tried to form something romantic.” She smiled. “Seriously, since elementary school. I remember Noelle beat up this one guy for making fun of Rin on the playground. I’ve only become friends with them recently, though.”

Aurora had stopped to talk to more people, though she kept a firm grip on my arm so I couldn’t get away. That didn’t mean I couldn’t turn, though, and so I looked back at Rin. He was still staring at that man, and if I knew anything, I knew what that look meant.

“You’re joining choir next year, right?” Aurora nudged me, trying to make me take part in the conversation.

Rin finally turned away from the man and pushed Noelle off his lap. I smiled. “Yeah,” I said. “Could be fun.”

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