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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010!

So I've decided on what I'm doing for National Novel Writing Month this year! And I thought I'd just use this blog instead of making a separate novel blog like I did for AL. I already wrote out a pretty good character description list in a topic on the NaNo forums, so I thought I'd post it here as kind of a preview for my upcoming novel, Fortissimo.

Rin Young- the POV character. He's been in choir all his life and is gay, but has only ever come out to one person because he thinks he's socially awkward enough. He is a pretty awkward person, and the fact that he's somewhat tall and really gangly doesn't help his self-esteem. However, he is extremely comfortable around his friends; it's just strangers that make him like that. He's a junior.
Keith Bowers- the love interest. Wears Hawaiian-print shirts in choir to catch Rin's attention (Rin doesn't know that's the reason) even though Keith doesn't know he's gay. His father is an optometrist, which is the excuse Keith uses to meet up with Rin sometimes (Dr. Bowers is Rin's optometrist). Is somewhat friends with Aurora at first because he attended GSA meetings the previous year. Also a junior.
Benjamin Kais- He's the choir director, a man in his mid-thirties that has been working at the school for ten years. After school he co-manages a music store with his younger sister. He also founded the school's chapter of Gay-Straight Alliance, though he doesn't seem to date so his own sexuality is a mystery (to most people).
Catalina Kais- Mr. Kais' younger sister, working on her doctorate in creative writing. She co-manages the music store with her older brother, though thinks it's a shame that he gave up being the supervisor for the GSA just so he could work there. A bit eccentric.

And the rest don't have last names yet...

Noelle- She's been Rin's best friend for years, helped by the fact that she lives across the street from him and would often spend the night when she was younger and her father worked late. She's the only one that knows Rin's gay at the start of the story. She's also a senior and hoping to get into Juilliard for vocals, despite the fact that she gets homesick just thinking about it.
Aurora- She's more Noelle's friend, but she warms up to the rest, particularly to Rin when she finds out he's gay because she's an active member of their high school's Gay-Straight Alliance. She also likes to paint his nails during the study hall they share every other day. Also a senior.
Gus- A sophomore in the tenor section who immediately latched onto Rin's group of friends the previous year. Despite his broken home life (his parents are divorced and his mother either ignores him or doesn't know how to deal with him) he's usually in quite high spirits and has been known to launch himself through the air instead of walking.
Ritchie- The piano player for the choir and fresh out of college. He's the current staff supervisor for the GSA and is known to be gay, despite the fact that he has a young daughter. His relationship with Mr. Kais is the subject of a lot of gossip (mostly between female students). Rin had a crush on him ever since they met the previous spring, though Ritchie ends up shooting him down because he apparently "likes older men."
Lydia- Ritchie's four-year-old daughter. He is her daughter by blood, though all Ritchie will say of her was that "college was a crazy time." Her mother left her under Ritchie's care at a very young age, though she doesn't seem to mind.

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