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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 20

And here's the final drabble for Fortissimo. NaNoWriMo starts in three and a half hours for me, so I'll be writing for the actual novel! Hope all of you reading this have fun with NaNo, and I'll be keeping this blog updated on my progress :)

Drabble 20

Gus stayed with me the night after the first day of school. I’d only known him about a year, but I never argued and neither did my father. If there was one obvious thing about Gus, it was that he wasn’t interested in sex.

“Noelle, can we go see Rin?” Gus asked as he flopped over on my bed. He was already dressed for bed, but I wouldn’t put it past him to run across the street in his oversized footie pajamas. He got up, too, but I stopped him.

“I’ll call him and see if he wants to come over,” I said. Gus fell back over with no protest.


I rose my eyebrows and stared at the phone. Rin sounded out of breath, and there was a lot of shuffling going on.

“Rin, were you… busy?” I asked, feeling kind of awkward.

There was a long silence before Rin said, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

“If you were… releasing some tension, I can call back later,” I said quickly.

There was a long silence.

“I don’t think I can look you in the eye right now, anyway,” he said, and hung up.

“Is Rin coming over?” Gus asked as he bounced on my bed.

“He’s busy.”

“That’s Mom’s word for when she’s having sex,” he said.

I clamped my mouth shut. Gus knew about sex, but masturbation seemed like it was going too far. So I clapped my hands together and said, “Let’s watch a movie!”

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 19

For our final few hours of freedom, Noelle wanted to meet with Aurora and Keith. I felt awkward around them since the day we visited Keith while he was sick; Aurora had acted so caring that I couldn’t help but feel like there was something going on there. I felt like I had been intruding.

“So why are we meeting them at the Salvation Army?” I said, staring up at the old building. Mostly I saw older people going in and out, with the occasional family with five or more kids trailing behind.

“Hey, don’t diss the Salvation Army,” Noelle said. She poked the tip of my nose before turning back to the building. Her face lit up. “Aurora! Keith!”

Keith jumped in surprise and just watched as Aurora let go of his upper arm and came over to see us. He looked uncomfortable, making it obvious that at least he hadn’t been expecting us.

I went over to him, ignoring Aurora and Noelle as they talked so fast I could hardly understand them. “Getting some last-minute school shopping done?” I said. I glanced down at the bag he was holding. I couldn’t see what was inside, though, so I met his eyes again.

“Yeah, she tends to drag me along without my permission,” he said.

I looked back at my two friends. “No wonder they get along so well. They’re different versions of the same person.” I shook my head and stepped a bit closer to Keith.

“What?” he asked, sounding caught off-guard.

“The thought of two Noelles terrifies me.”

The girls burst into laughter and waved at us, saying something about going to McDonald’s.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Keith was smiling in a joking way, and he bowed with a flourish.

“I’m not a damsel in distress,” I muttered, starting off after the girls.

I glanced back at Keith, who smiled in a more sincere way and said, “My mistake.”

Fortissimo Drabble 18

Noelle sneezed after flopping over on an old mattress up in the attic. “Someone needs to clean up here,” she said, sounding congested. She grabbed a dusty broom from the wall, tearing apart cobwebs in the process.

“We’re just here to find my backpack, Noelle,” I said, taking the broom from her and putting it aside.

“Why did you wait until the day before school starts to do this?” she said.

“I was too busy being bugged by a psycho fangirl who thinks I need a boyfriend.”



I tried to pull a box out of one of the piles without disturbing the rest. It didn’t work. “Shit!” I said as a particularly heavy one fell on my foot, with only the thin layer of my sock between them. I jumped back and sat down, holding my injured foot. The sudden movement threw the box on its side, and the contents spilled out.

I stared at the old issues of Playgirl laying there on the stained floor. Noelle was frozen in her spot, so I did the only thing I could think to do. “Well, that happened,” I said, and I kicked the magazines under a low table.

Fortissimo drabble 17

“What happened to your boyfriend?” a voice asked. I was sitting in the middle of the field hockey field, just staring up at the slate-grey sky. The season, my final high school sports season, was over, and I was feeling kind of sad.

I looked up to see it was Terry, the field hockey team manager. It wasn’t even below freezing but he was bundled up in a long, fleece coat, knit hat and flannel scar. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets, so I couldn’t tell if he was wearing gloves.

“No boyfriend. Aurora Monroe is a free spirit,” I said. I laid back on the grass, only slightly shivering because it had frosted-over the last few days.

“He broke up with you?”

I sat up and stared at Terry, making it clear that I had no idea who he was talking about.

“That guy, Keith. I thought you two were together.”

“Oh! No. Never. He’s incredibly gay.”

Terry smiled at that, and he actually sat down beside me on the grass. “Sorry it didn’t work out.”

“It worked out for Keith, in the end,” I said. I glanced over to the path that lead from the school to the various sports fields. Rin and Keith were supposed to be meeting me, actually, but I didn’t see either of them. “Hey. You feel like going out for smoothies?”

Terry looked so incredibly surprised at the suggestion, and then he sat up. “You sure?” he said in a voice like I had just asked him to elope with me in Vegas.

I patted him on the back and said, “It’s just smoothies, dude.”

This is Rin

He's not normally so chibi, but he IS normally this adorable.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

250 Words blog fest

Yet another attempt to link up with other people via a mass blogging experiment/blogfest/thingy. This time, the challenge is to post the first 250 words of your story. Details (and a list of links to other blogs doing it) can be found here.

So, here's the first 250 words on my novel in progress, Memories. Although yeah, I'm probably gonna rewrite it because it's rather bleck, but whatever.

I’m going blind.

That’s what the optometrist says, anyway. For the last two years my vision has been getting progressively worse. He can never figure out why, mostly because he wouldn’t believe the reason if I told him. He just knows it’s happening.

I’m not… too worried. After all, without my glasses I can still see clearly, about an inch in front of my face. The doctor said that at the rate it was going, it would probably be a few years.

Of course, this is the part I’m not sure about. I’m going blind because of one of my abilities: I can see the future. But I can’t seem to see a future where I go completely blind.

This might, of course, just be some kind of cruel irony.

In the mean time, I spent most of my time being a normal eighteen-year-old guy. I even had a job at the bookstore in my local mall. Because when your vision is getting progressively worse, being surrounded by books with small text is obviously the best choice in life.

Then again, I still had my sight. The prospect of blindness maybe hadn’t hit me as hard as it should have at that point.

“Afternoon, Arthur!” the girl at the front counter called. I didn’t talk to my coworkers a lot. Most of them were college students who took the job because they thought it would be easy. Who in the world reads books, after all?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 16

Fortissimo drabble 16

Mom and Dad knew I was having someone over for supper. When I told them the previous night, they seemed to assume it was a girl. Mom asked me if Aurora and I finally got together. All I could do was smile and shake my head.

“You sure they’re gonna be okay with this?” Rin asked. He sat beside me on the floor. He kept trying to lean into my side, but I moved around too much as I shot zombies on TV.

“Sure, you know my dad’s cool,” I said.

“The deepest conversations we’ve had involved me choosing glasses frames.” He adjusted said glasses.

I paused my game and leaned over. Then I took his glasses off and kissed him as I put them aside.

“Hoping to recreate Halloween?” he asked against my lips.

“I kind of like you better sober,” I said.

The door opened as we kept kissing, and neither of us bothered to turn and see. “Keith?”

Rin was the one to pull away, and he put his glasses back on.

“Hey, Dr. Bowers,” he said. He was trying to sound casual, but his face was beat-red.

“Hi, Rin.” He smiled before nodding outside. Mom was getting groceries out of the car. “Could you help her with that, Keith?”

I was hesitant to leave Rin alone, but I still nodded and got up. “You gonna be okay?” I asked close to his ear.

“Maybe I should just follow you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Fortissimo drabble 15

Fortissimo drabble 15

I finally approached Mr. Kais on October fifteenth. Aurora had field hockey practice, and Mr. Kais pulled an uncharacteristic move by staying after school instead of heading right to his music store. So instead of watching the girls run up and down the field, whacking each other with their sticks, I headed for the choir room.

Ritchie was in there playing the piano. Mr. Kais was sitting on the hardwood floor. He had a ton of paperwork spread before him, but instead of writing, he just sat there, his eyes closed. Ritchie stopped playing for a split second as he looked back at me. This was enough to make Mr. Kais look up.

“Forget something, Keith?” he said. I shook my head, and he un-hunched as I walked over to him.

“Could I talk to you for a minute?”

Ritchie suddenly stood up. “I have to get going; I was supposed to be over at Lydia’s daycare by now.” He gave us a smile as he left, leaving the piano covered in sheet music from choir and honor choir.

I looked over to Mr. Kais. He seemed to be debating whether to stand up or not. “Mr. Kais, are you two…”

He took his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose. “That’s not why you came here, is it?”

“No.” I had been thinking about how to word it since I heard him saying that morning that he’d be staying later than usual. “I… like this guy, and my friend says he doesn’t even know I’m gay. She says I need to be officially out.” I could hear the quotation marks in my own voice at those last two words. “And well, you know I’m gay, as well as everyone who was in the GSA last year.”

Mr. Kais put his glasses back on, his eyes showing his concern. “Is that what you want?”

“I do really like Rin,” I said, only realizing I said his name after the fact. I ducked my head, trying not to blush. When I looked up, though, Mr. Kais was smiling.

“You could be after much worse guys,” he said.

I smiled and ducked my head again. “Yeah.”

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 14

Fortissimo drabble 14

Aurora showed up at my house at seven am on the first day of school. I had been planning to use my own car, but she seemed determined to drive into Ella Woods High in her light-blue convertible.

“Have you had breakfast yet, Aurora?” Mom asked from where she stood at the stove. If there was one thing Mom did best, it was make breakfast from scratch.

Aurora’s stomach answered for her with a loud growl, and she smiled sheepishly. “That’d be great, Mrs. Bowers.”

While Mom continued with that, I led Aurora into the living room. Mom eyed us, then smiled and flipped some pancakes.

“Does your mom know you’re gay?” Aurora said. Mom had put a bag of donut holes on the coffee table to hold us over, and she chose one covered in powdered sugar. “I mean, you don’t go announcing it, but it’s not like it’s a secret, either.”

The donuts didn’t seem all that appetizing since I was smelling the pancakes and bacon cooking, so I let her take all she wanted. “I don’t think so,” I said. “Then again, most people outside the GSA don’t.”

I could hear Mom humming along with the early-morning radio. She probably wasn’t even listening to us; she wasn’t the nosy kind of mother that you had to sneak around or whatever so she wouldn’t find out your deepest, darkest secret and then go tell her knitting club.

Aurora sighed and leaned back, licking the powdered sugar from her fingers. “So you’re basically closeted and you’re trying to attract the attention of a guy who is, for all intents and purposes, straight.” She said it deadpan, so I couldn’t tell what she was actually thinking.

“Pretty much.”

“Well then.” Aurora leaned forward again. “Want a donut?”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 13

Fortissimo drabble 13

I stood there outside the skating rink, leaning against the barrier. Noelle was beside me while Keith, Rin, Gus and Aria were on the rink. Rin was clearly not that good, but Keith didn’t seem to mind helping him stay on his feet. Rin kept saying something when Keith would catch him, but I was too far away most of the time to hear it.

“I find it funny that they didn’t become friends before this,” Noelle said. She was watching Rin and Keith as well, her arms folded over her chest. “We went skating a couple months ago and he wouldn’t let me near him if he lost his balance.”

Keith plucked Rin’s glasses right off his face and skated off, laughing like a madman. Rin swore loudly, causing some parents leading small children around to glare at him, and bolted after him. The combination of his bad vision and bad coordination caused him to crash into Aria, who screamed.

“Rin is groping her chest, isn’t he?” I asked.

“Not like he enjoys it.” Noelle skated around and joined them in the rink so she could help Rin and Aria up. Keith was already over there, though, taking Rin by the arm and saying something to Aria. Probably along the lines of ‘Chill the fuck out.’ Even with how far away I was, I could tell that Rin was blushing hard.

Eventually, Aria made her way over to me. “He groped me!” she said, sounding indignant.

I sighed and shook my head. “Not like he enjoyed it.”

Monday, October 4, 2010

Drabble 12

Fortissimo drabble 12

Aurora came over after field hockey practice. Sometimes I wondered if she had any other friends, but she had to. I guess I just wasn’t used to having friends who would rather sit down on my couch and watch anime with me than whatever else they had in their life.

She was still dressed for field hockey, in her red shorts, white shirt, cleats and knee-high socks. Her blonde hair was high up in a ponytail, but strands of it were falling down. I had to admit, I could understand where the guys who joined choir for the chance to talk to her were coming from. Not like I wasn’t doing the same thing for Rin.

“So I was thinking,” Aurora said as she gulped down some of the smoothie she had gotten on our way over. “You’re doing nothing to really try to get Rin.”

I glanced at her from the DVD wrack. “It’s not like I can just turn to him during choir and say, ‘By the way, Rin, are you gay? I joined choir just to be with you.’” I gave her an exasperated look, but she just giggled.

“I thought we could all go down to Skate City,” she said, rocking forward and back. “I could reserve the laser tag arena for a sessions. Boys against girls.”

“Boys against…”

“You, Rin and Gus against me, Noelle and one of my friends.”

My eyes fell on the spine of Trigun, and I pulled it out. Aurora looked at me expectantly as I approached. So I said, “Sounds like fun.”

Drabbles 10, 11

Fortissimo drabble 10

I hadn’t been friends with Aurora for long, and I hadn’t even known Keith a month. Given that, I still found myself being dragged along the day after my birthday because Keith was sick. Aurora said it was my fault because he got it from me. Not like I made him be all touchy-feely while I was hacking up a lung.

Still, she had called last night and gotten my mother, who was ecstatic that I apparently had more than two friends to my name. She even made chicken noodle soup before work. A fancy degree in Community Health and she still swore by a good, homemade meal.

Aurora didn’t even knock, instead going in and calling out to Keith. No wonder she and Noelle got along so well.

“Hey, guys.” Keith was huddled there on the living room couch, wearing flannel pajamas and an afghan draped over his shoulders. It was close to ninety degrees outside, so I was roasting just looking at him.

“My mom made soup for you,” I said, taking the thermos out of my messenger bag. “She also said I should say sorry for making you sick.”

Keith sniffled a little, but he was smiling. “Don’t sweat it. It’s not like you gave me an STD, Rin.”

I knew I was blushing at that, but Keith had turned to tell Aurora where the bowls were, so he didn’t see it. Besides, it’s not like he was gay, right?

Fortissimo drabble 11

Rin wasn’t the first guy I had a crush on, but he was probably the least likely to call me a fag. I had a past of falling for jerks: the guy on the football team who was bitter about not making quarterback, the star of the school musical who punched my lights out for just asking if he was gay.

That second one was in choir, apparently, and on the first day, I found myself sitting in the bass section, sandwiched between him and Rin. They both kept stealing glances at my Hawaiian-print shirt. At one point they looked at the same time, noticed each other, and turned away. Rin was blushing, while Derek was scowling.

Finally, Mr. Kais ended rehearsal about ten minutes early. I noticed he was heading for the piano player, Ritchie, but he stopped and turned towards his office. He disappeared into it as Ritchie was surrounded by a gaggle of girls from the soprano section.

Noelle was behind me in the mass of students trying to put away their music folders. She had been watching this as well, but she said nothing. Sometimes I didn’t understand that girl.

“He’s a fag, you know,” Derek said when Noelle turned to him. “Runs that stupid Gay-Straight Alliance now.”

Noelle scowled, but before she could say anything, a folder met his head. “No one wants to listen to you deny your own homosexuality, Derek,” Rin said, sounding more bored than mad.

“And what about you?”

“What about me?” Rin adjusted his glasses and took Noelle by the arm, leading her away after putting his folder in its place.

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him leave. Even if Rin wasn’t gay, he was pretty amazing.

Drabbles 7, 8, 9

Fortissimo drabble 7

I knew it was a long-shot that I’d recognize him, but the morning after Halloween, I entered school looking for that guy I had made-out with. We hadn’t gone all the way; he was drunk and I knew I’d feel guilty about it later. And maybe his proclamation about liking guys was just the punch. But what better way to get over one guy than to try for another?

“Hey, Noelle!” I called when I saw her sitting at a cafeteria table with Rin. She waved but didn’t take her eyes away from her friend.

“My head feels like someone drove a railroad spike through it,” Rin said as I sat down at the end of the table. The smell of artificial eggs and turkey sausage from the kitchen tempted me, but I had a feeling I wanted to hear this. “And I have a feeling I made a complete ass of myself.”

“Aw, Rin.” Noelle hugged him to her and I turned away. I’d seen more than enough of that. “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. You said HE wasn’t drunk, right?”

“That’s the point! I just… threw myself at him~” Rin let his head fall to the table, and Noelle frowned.

“I think he wants to be alone,” she whispered to me. She signaled for me to follow her, and we got about halfway to the kitchen before she turned to face me. “You’re gay, right?”

This was seemingly out of left field, so it took me a few seconds to respond. “Why yes, yes I am. Why does that matter?”

“What would you do if you got drunk and made out with some random guy?”

“That was Rin?” I said it before I could stop myself. Noelle stared at me. “I mean…”

“You took advantage of Rin when he was DRUNK?” she demanded. People were staring at us now, but fortunately, Rin was still busy banging his head on the table.

“He kissed me,” I said, not meeting her eyes. “I didn’t even know it was him. Hell, I didn’t even know he was gay!” I saw you two together last choir practice and…”

“Noelle clammed up at that, her brown eyes abandoning that hard glare she had directed at me. “Just talk to him. He’s a wreck, Keith.”

Fortissimo drabble 8

I’d gone to the beach with Rin tons of times in the past; it was actually our most frequent activity in the summer since before we were old enough to go there on our own and had to be accompanied by an adult or five. Because of this, I thought I had gotten to know how it would go: I would swim around, maybe get into a water fight with people that I knew. Rin would just sit there on a towel or blanket, listening to music and burning his skin cells to a nice, golden brown.

What I didn’t remember happening, though, was Rin staring off into space the entire time. Usually had some pretty nice conversations when I bothered to sit down with him.

“Rin? What’s up?” I said. His eyes were moving, now, and I finally figured it out: he wasn’t staring into space, he was staring at something. And when I looked, that something was… very male.

It was Ritchie, that guy who was supposed to be the choir piano player come Fall. He was walking out to the lake and picking up his daughter, who had been chasing the tide for a good half hour. It was also the guy I had seen kissing our choir director last Spring. Mind, I had never told anyone that.

“Rin? You are aware that’s a guy, right?” I said. Well it was rather clear, since he was just wearing swim trunks and a pair of flip-flops, but you never know.


“Rin, are you gay?”

“Yeah…” He stopped for a second and blinked. “What?”

“Are you gay?” I asked again.

Rin ducked his head, bringing his eyes away from Ritchie for the first time in what had to be at least an hour. I could see the blush on his face, though; I knew it wasn’t a sunburn.

“Oh my god, you are!” I said, standing up. I couldn’t stop myself and ended up clapping my hands, too, which got a few people staring at us. Rin turned laid down on his stomach and buried his face in his arms.

I sat down next to him and started rubbing his back. He was clearly embarrassed. “…sorry.”

Rin raised his head up enough so I could see his eyes. “It’s okay.”

Fortissimo drabble 9

I’d never been into the Salvation Army. It wasn’t that I was a clothing snob or anything, but I never felt the need for t-shirts at five for three dollars. Aurora dragged me in there on the last day of summer, though, saying I needed something outrageous to catch Rin’s attention.

“He’s kind of self-centered,” she had said.. “Or maybe dense. Unless you’re willing to just go up and confess your feelings, he’s not gonna get it. So at least get his attention first.”

I had come to understand that. When he had helped me after I was sick, I could tell he didn’t get it. When I smiled at him, or when I laid my head in his lap during Aladdin. Then again, he might have just been used to it, with how much I had seen Noelle sit on his lap, among other things.

“How do you feel about pink?” Aurora asked. She held up a shirt, baggy as I liked, but it looked like it had been colored by a highlighter. I shook my head, and she put the thing back on its wrack.

“Oh my god, Hawaiian print!” Aurora was laughing her ass off at this point, and she took a tacky-looking Hawaiian-print, button-up shirt off the wrack. Despite how funny she seemed to think it was, I took it from her.

“This could work.”

More Fortissimo drabbles

Yes, I said these would all get their own post but I've done so many... I'll be posting them a few at a time to catch up XD Enjoy

Fortissimo drabble 4

Melody giggled as the bag of flour exploded in her face when she tried to pour some into the bowl. Aurora was laughing right along with her, despite the fact that the pizza they had so carefully been constructing up to that point was kind of ruined, and we didn’t have any more flour in the house.

“Hey Keith!” Melody called as Aurora went for some washcloths to clean up the mess. “Could you call up the House of Pizza? You know what I want.”

I did know what she wanted, mostly because both our parents worked so summer usually meant we ordered-in since neither of us could cook. Apparently Aurora could, but our bad kitchen skills were rubbing off on her at this point.

“Is Aurora your girlfriend?” Melody asked. She had come in while I was ordering and was there at the foot of the stairs. Her clothes were still covered in wheat flour, so she probably intended to change.

Aurora flopped down on the couch beside me, and a small puff of flour rose from her clothes. “He’s gay, dear, I don’t have the right equipment.”

Melody frowned and went upstairs without a word.

“My family’s not really involved in my love life so they tend to uh… do that.” I waved in Melody’s general direction and smiled sheepishly.

“Heh,” was all Aurora said for about a minute. “But you have someone you’re interested in, don’t you?”

I eyed her. “How can you tell?”

“Woman’s intuition, my dear,” she said. Then she turned over so she was on her side and looking at me. “Do I know him?”

I shrugged and picked my cell phone up off the coffee table so I could toss it between my hands. “Yeah, I guess. It doesn’t really matter, though, unless I find out he’s gay, too.”

Aurora and I were silent after that for the full time that Melody came downstairs to check if the pizza had come. She took our silence as a no and I could soon hear the shower going.

Finally, seeing that Aurora wasn’t going to say anything, I got up the nerve and asked, “Aurora, do you think Rin’s gay?”

“We can hope, right?” She gave me a smile before turning to sit upright again, another puff of flour left in her wake. “Meanwhile, you think your mother will forgive me for dirtying up her sofa?”

“She’ll get over it.”

Fortissimo drabble 5

I saw Mr. Kais go outside with that guy after he dropped off his daughter. I still didn’t know who he was, though some other people were saying that the guy was going to replace Roberta since she was retiring and wouldn’t be our piano player come next year.

I was curious, though, so I said something vague to Rin about having to get some fresh air and followed them outside. Finally, I found them around the corner of the building, and Mr. Kais was saying something.

“Ritchie, I doubt that would be… appropriate,” he said. So the guy’s name was Ritchie? Good to know.

“I’m not implying anything, Mr. Kais,” Ritchie said, leaning against the side of the building.

“You can call me Ben, you know. You’re not a teenager anymore.”

Ritchie smiled at that and closed his eyes. “No I’m not,” he said. “I was serious when I said I had a crush on you when I was still in school.” He looked over to Mr. Kais at that, looking like he was expecting something. I gasped involuntarily, and then I disappeared around the corner in case they had heard me.

“Yes, and I don’t think it would’ve been good on my faculty review for the first few years of my career to involve a student relationship,” Mr. Kais said.

“What about a coworker relationship?”

I was blushing by now, but I was trying to keep quiet. Rin had been staring at Ritchie for so long, and I knew he was gay so it didn’t take much to guess that he had a crush. But Ritchie quite obviously had his sights set on someone else.

“Not like I know whether you’re gay or not,” Ritchie went on. “Even when you started the GSA, you never mentioned it.”

“My sexuality isn’t something to discuss with my students.” Mr. Kais was sounding even more uptight than he usually did. He was guarding himself, like he thought that Ritchie would get something out of him that he didn’t like.

Ritchie laughed, softly, but nothing was said. I dared to turn the corner and look.

They were kissing.

I couldn’t help myself at that; I screamed, and they jumped away from each other and looked over, but I was already backing away and running towards the door. It was almost time to warm-up, and Rin was bound to be wondering where I was. But, most of all, I just wanted to forget what I had seen.

“Noelle? Where’ve you been?” Rin asked.

I knew my face was still red, and I must’ve been breathing hard enough to sound like I had run a marathon. “Uh, nowhere.”

Fortissimo drabble 6

Aurora invited practically the entire school to her Halloween party, and Ella Woods being a small town, with Ella Woods High having in excess of four hundred students, I should have expected that they’d come. It was a masquerade, though, and so I didn’t recognize anyone. Aurora had greeted me at the door, but other than that, I was lost.

I don’t know what I hoped to accomplish by being there. I didn’t partake in the spiked punch, no matter how much I wanted to forget Rin. So I just stood there in a corner of the backyard, watching the world go by.

There was a guy, clearly drunk, stumbling nearby. Someone shoved him out of the way, and he fell against me. His face, or what I could see of it since he was wearing a mask like everyone else, was flush. He grinned up at me. “You’re kinda cute. Can I look under your mask?” He reached out for my mask, but I easily stopped him.

“You know I’m a guy, right?” I said. I helped him turn around so he was facing me, but he fell against me and nuzzled his face into my shoulder.

“I liked guys,” he murmured. “I’ve never kissed one, though.” He reached up and pressed his lips to mine. I could taste the alcohol on his breath but not the fruit punch; someone obviously didn’t know how to be subtle. Even though this guy was drunk off his ass, I couldn’t bring myself to push him away. Our tongues met, and his hand crept down to around my waist, brushing a little lower. I jumped in surprise, and suddenly became aware of my surroundings again. No one was watching us, but I still pushed him away.

“Aw, you don’t like me?” He was pouting.

I glanced around. Aurora had said since I was her friend, I could go inside if I wanted to, but most of the other guests were restricted to the spacious backyard. “Come on,” I said, leaning in to say it in his ear. I took one hand so I could guide him. “We can go somewhere more private.”