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Monday, October 4, 2010

Drabble 12

Fortissimo drabble 12

Aurora came over after field hockey practice. Sometimes I wondered if she had any other friends, but she had to. I guess I just wasn’t used to having friends who would rather sit down on my couch and watch anime with me than whatever else they had in their life.

She was still dressed for field hockey, in her red shorts, white shirt, cleats and knee-high socks. Her blonde hair was high up in a ponytail, but strands of it were falling down. I had to admit, I could understand where the guys who joined choir for the chance to talk to her were coming from. Not like I wasn’t doing the same thing for Rin.

“So I was thinking,” Aurora said as she gulped down some of the smoothie she had gotten on our way over. “You’re doing nothing to really try to get Rin.”

I glanced at her from the DVD wrack. “It’s not like I can just turn to him during choir and say, ‘By the way, Rin, are you gay? I joined choir just to be with you.’” I gave her an exasperated look, but she just giggled.

“I thought we could all go down to Skate City,” she said, rocking forward and back. “I could reserve the laser tag arena for a sessions. Boys against girls.”

“Boys against…”

“You, Rin and Gus against me, Noelle and one of my friends.”

My eyes fell on the spine of Trigun, and I pulled it out. Aurora looked at me expectantly as I approached. So I said, “Sounds like fun.”


  1. I'm not very good at commenting or anything, but - D: D:! I was reading through the drabbles and they made my mind itch with excitement and I just wanted to share it. It may be a small nothing, but just so you know, this one girl across the world eats up your drabbles like cheese.

    And that says something. Cheese is the god of foods, after all.

    Like, the god of gods of foods.

    ... anyways. Love your story so far, love your writing, and, for the sake of my sanity, I dearly hope you win NaNoWriMo and finish the novel by the end of November because I, well.

    I love it.

    And I'm sorry if you don't like cheese! :C

  2. I'm really glad you like them :)