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Monday, October 4, 2010

Drabbles 10, 11

Fortissimo drabble 10

I hadn’t been friends with Aurora for long, and I hadn’t even known Keith a month. Given that, I still found myself being dragged along the day after my birthday because Keith was sick. Aurora said it was my fault because he got it from me. Not like I made him be all touchy-feely while I was hacking up a lung.

Still, she had called last night and gotten my mother, who was ecstatic that I apparently had more than two friends to my name. She even made chicken noodle soup before work. A fancy degree in Community Health and she still swore by a good, homemade meal.

Aurora didn’t even knock, instead going in and calling out to Keith. No wonder she and Noelle got along so well.

“Hey, guys.” Keith was huddled there on the living room couch, wearing flannel pajamas and an afghan draped over his shoulders. It was close to ninety degrees outside, so I was roasting just looking at him.

“My mom made soup for you,” I said, taking the thermos out of my messenger bag. “She also said I should say sorry for making you sick.”

Keith sniffled a little, but he was smiling. “Don’t sweat it. It’s not like you gave me an STD, Rin.”

I knew I was blushing at that, but Keith had turned to tell Aurora where the bowls were, so he didn’t see it. Besides, it’s not like he was gay, right?

Fortissimo drabble 11

Rin wasn’t the first guy I had a crush on, but he was probably the least likely to call me a fag. I had a past of falling for jerks: the guy on the football team who was bitter about not making quarterback, the star of the school musical who punched my lights out for just asking if he was gay.

That second one was in choir, apparently, and on the first day, I found myself sitting in the bass section, sandwiched between him and Rin. They both kept stealing glances at my Hawaiian-print shirt. At one point they looked at the same time, noticed each other, and turned away. Rin was blushing, while Derek was scowling.

Finally, Mr. Kais ended rehearsal about ten minutes early. I noticed he was heading for the piano player, Ritchie, but he stopped and turned towards his office. He disappeared into it as Ritchie was surrounded by a gaggle of girls from the soprano section.

Noelle was behind me in the mass of students trying to put away their music folders. She had been watching this as well, but she said nothing. Sometimes I didn’t understand that girl.

“He’s a fag, you know,” Derek said when Noelle turned to him. “Runs that stupid Gay-Straight Alliance now.”

Noelle scowled, but before she could say anything, a folder met his head. “No one wants to listen to you deny your own homosexuality, Derek,” Rin said, sounding more bored than mad.

“And what about you?”

“What about me?” Rin adjusted his glasses and took Noelle by the arm, leading her away after putting his folder in its place.

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him leave. Even if Rin wasn’t gay, he was pretty amazing.

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