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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fortissimo drabble 16

Fortissimo drabble 16

Mom and Dad knew I was having someone over for supper. When I told them the previous night, they seemed to assume it was a girl. Mom asked me if Aurora and I finally got together. All I could do was smile and shake my head.

“You sure they’re gonna be okay with this?” Rin asked. He sat beside me on the floor. He kept trying to lean into my side, but I moved around too much as I shot zombies on TV.

“Sure, you know my dad’s cool,” I said.

“The deepest conversations we’ve had involved me choosing glasses frames.” He adjusted said glasses.

I paused my game and leaned over. Then I took his glasses off and kissed him as I put them aside.

“Hoping to recreate Halloween?” he asked against my lips.

“I kind of like you better sober,” I said.

The door opened as we kept kissing, and neither of us bothered to turn and see. “Keith?”

Rin was the one to pull away, and he put his glasses back on.

“Hey, Dr. Bowers,” he said. He was trying to sound casual, but his face was beat-red.

“Hi, Rin.” He smiled before nodding outside. Mom was getting groceries out of the car. “Could you help her with that, Keith?”

I was hesitant to leave Rin alone, but I still nodded and got up. “You gonna be okay?” I asked close to his ear.

“Maybe I should just follow you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

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