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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fortissimo Drabble 18

Noelle sneezed after flopping over on an old mattress up in the attic. “Someone needs to clean up here,” she said, sounding congested. She grabbed a dusty broom from the wall, tearing apart cobwebs in the process.

“We’re just here to find my backpack, Noelle,” I said, taking the broom from her and putting it aside.

“Why did you wait until the day before school starts to do this?” she said.

“I was too busy being bugged by a psycho fangirl who thinks I need a boyfriend.”



I tried to pull a box out of one of the piles without disturbing the rest. It didn’t work. “Shit!” I said as a particularly heavy one fell on my foot, with only the thin layer of my sock between them. I jumped back and sat down, holding my injured foot. The sudden movement threw the box on its side, and the contents spilled out.

I stared at the old issues of Playgirl laying there on the stained floor. Noelle was frozen in her spot, so I did the only thing I could think to do. “Well, that happened,” I said, and I kicked the magazines under a low table.

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