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Monday, November 15, 2010

Your favorite YA novel?

So with Christmas coming up in about a month, my mind has, of course, been set to what I want for Christmas. Being twenty years old, my relatives pretty much have no idea what I like and just give me money. This is all well and good, but I like books :(

So what's your favorite? As the title says, preferably YA since that is what I read and write the most. Even if you think I've already read something, mention it anyway! I'd love to just get a discussion going about this.


  1. On the Jellico Road, The Hunger Games, Skin Hunger, So Much to Tell You, Wildwood Dancing are a couple of my favourites :-)

  2. Gallagher Girls
    Alex Rider (Not exactly sure if it's YA, but still good)
    Ender's Game (Not sure if this is YA either...)

    All of them are really good!!! ;)