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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Progress Wednesday, January 26th

No readings this week,so I'll just get straight to writing.

Artistic License is officially entered into ABNA. The YA category hasn't closed yet (it'll close either February 6th or when it gets 5,000 entries, whichever comes first) so until then, I'm free to keep editing and upload a new version of the manuscript and excerpt as I see fit. I haven't actually done any of that yet, but I plan to.

I've also been working on Nowhere Fast, of course. Getting close to 30k, and I'm hoping to get at least 50k by the end so that I don't have to do too much extending when I finish and get to editing. Of course, there's plenty I could add-on anyway, so I think I should be fine when that time comes. As I tell my friends, the first draft is for getting it down; editing is where you make it make sense.

Meh, this entry was kind of short without the reading part, but I've been so busy that I don't really have time to read for pleasure. I'll be sure to read at least one book when I go home for February vacation, though :) Until next time.

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