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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress Wednesday, January 19th


Well, unfortunately I'm back at school so this place will either be pretty much blank or a place for me to rant about the stuff I have to read for the three English classes I'm taking this semester. I did manage to get one book read before I came back, though! Matched, by Ally Condie. It was a really interesting, and I think the only true dystopian I've seen in a while. People seem to, these days, misunderstand what a dystopian actually is, and that is a society that seems perfect at first, and the book is dedicated to the main character or characters finding out how it's not. Kind of like The Giver, a book I read several times over my junior high and high school career (and with good reason; it's an amazing book!).

As for Matched itself, I really enjoyed it. It gets strong on emotions at points (my friend Ashlie was reading it the other night and was all-out bawling to me) and the prose itself is almost lyrical! There will be two more books after this one, and I'll be sure to check them out.


As always, I'm editing Artistic License and chipping away at Nowhere Fast. But I'm taking Advanced Nonfiction this semester, which means I'll be writing essays about the real world for the next few months. Boring? Perhaps. But it was either that or poetry, and I'm not taking poetry :P (no offense to you poetry enthusiasts; it's just not my thing). Currently for Nowhere Fast, I'm up to 19,900 words and am working on the next chapter, so we'll see how this goes.

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