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Monday, January 3, 2011

Show Me Yours blogfest

Since I love participating in Blogfests, I decided to do this one. This is the Show Me Yours blogfest, where we're supposed to post 500 words of our 2010 NaNovel. Supposedly edited, but I found this today, and it's due today, so I'm just sticking it up here XD Enjoy this excerpt for Fortissimo.

Noelle shrugged and tossed the thing onto her bed before falling over, though her millions of skirts got in the way and she kind of bounced. “So Keith finally just
came out and told you, huh?”

“You knew?” I said it in an incredulous voice, just so Noelle would be able to tell just how much I didn't appreciate her latest shenanigans.

She shrugged, though, the left shoulder of her dress falling a little. She tried to reach over and fix it, but it looked like the rest of the costume was pretty much restraining her. I told her she should've just been a witch, but she wouldn't listen to me. She said I had no say in what she was going to be considering I wasn't going to the party.

“But what was it like?” she asked, rolling over so she was at least facing me. “You kissed him, right? Was it as good as you thought it would be?”

I blushed, putting the tips of my fingers to my lips. “I've never actually thought about kissing him before,” I said as way of answer. There was no way I was going to tell her what went through my mind in those few seconds. She would laugh at me forever and I'd have to kill her.

“Aw come on, that's not an answer.” Noelle finally stood up and actually started stripping right in front of me. When she turned around and saw my wide eyes, she scoffed. “I know you're not interested, Rin.”

“That doesn't mean I'm okay with you just stripping right in front of me!” I said, my voice going increasingly higher as her dress dropped to the floor. She was wearing extremely elaborate underwear, though, and so if I tried really hard, I could pretend that they were pajamas. She started to remove the corset, though, and I stood up. “If you're going to be doing that, I'm leaving.”

Noelle grabbed me before I could make a break for it, though, and when I looked, she was frowning. “Come on, Rin. If you want me to change in the bathroom, I will. Or you can go downstairs and watch TV while I get out of that stupid costume. But don't go yet. Please?”

I couldn’t help it. She just looked so pitiful that I couldn’t say no to her. Then again, when I had I ever been able to say no to Noelle?


  1. this is great! Is it yaoi? It seemed to me that Rin was a guy, but i wasn't 100% sure.
    Either way the dialogue and the whole chunk flowed very smoothly. Very believable.
    I really liked this entry.
    Thanks for participating!

  2. I enjoyed reading this piece - the relationship between Rin and Noelle was really endearing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I liked the voice here :) Too bad I didn't get to read the kiss! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Nice, I like it. are these two best friends?

  5. Great excerpt and characterisation!

  6. Interesting! Great characterization in this little bit. Glad you joined in :)

  7. Well, at this point, I kind of like Noelle, I'm not sure if I like Rin or not, and I have no idea what to think about Keith. Plus, I have no idea what's going on. Did Noelle already get back from her party? I like the voice though.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and joining the blogfest!

    PS: Totally didn't clue in that Rin was a guy, but then I don't tend to assume gay characters unless I get an anvil dropped on me about it.

  8. what a sweet piece. I love the possible budding relationships between friends.great job. Thank you for joining us and participating even if it was last minute!

  9. I enjoyed reading your excerpt! Great voice in the writing.