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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My next work-in-progress

And for my next trick, I will pull a novel out of a hat! Hah, I wish. But with Nowhere Fast done (yay!) I have decided to move on to my next project. I have both Nowhere Fast and Fortissimo to still edit, but I feel like if I don't constantly write, I'll explode. So I have the first chapter of this novel done, written by hand. What is it? Well, I decided to take last Sunday's post as an outline and make a novel out of it.

It is, for now, called Our Never-Ending Summer and it's turning out pretty well. I'm trying this radical new thing called 'hand-writing' wherein I write it up before I type it onto my laptop, so it probably won't show up for Scene Sunday, at least not for a while. I may if people actually want to see it, based on that short story it's being written from, but it'd only be bits and pieces.

Until next time!


  1. Yes! -does a happy dance mixed with the moon walk-

  2. Well done for finishing Nowhere Fast!! It's such a great feeling to get something done. :D