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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scene Sunday 1 (Nowhere Fast)

So I decided to try something new. I will post a random scene from my writing. It doesn't have to be something I just wrote, it just has to be mine :) So, enjoy your first out-of-context scene, everyone!

Sam sat there for about three minutes, looking like he had completely checked out. But then he said, “Come on. They’ll be there a while. I’d just assume wait in my room.”

“Don’t they need you to let them back in?”

“Nah, the card will open the door,” he said. I really had no other argument other than the thought of being alone in Sam’s room with him made me uncomfortable and excited at the same time.

But Sam wasn’t the kind of guy to just jump a person; I could see that as he sat down in his desk chair and started in on his book again. The room seemed almost too quiet without Jace there, and for a while, I just stood, not sure what to do.

“You can just go home,” Sam said when he noticed this. “There’s not much left to see. I’ll probably call my aunt and uncle and send Mason on his way again.”

“And what about Vincent?”

Sam turned to look at me, taking off his glasses. “Well, he’d probably go, too,” he said. “Why wouldn’t he?”

“I dunno, I might try harder than this if I went cross-country to see someone.”

That made him flinch. “Vincent is a spoiled brat,” he finally said. “Just used to getting what he wants. How do you think he had the money to just randomly take such a huge trip?” And then he looked down at his book. “Not that I’m not. But Mom and Dad probably wouldn’t let me be here if I didn’t get a scholarship.”

I would never have thought as Sam as spoiled or a brat. My fight had dissolved, though, and I sat down in the chair at Jace’s desk across the room. Sam stood up and walked over to me.

“Vincent is Mason’s friend,” he said, leaning down and putting his hand on my shoulder. “I have very little to do with it, no matter how much Vincent wants it to be otherwise.”

“Don’t tell me nothing has happened in those five years,” I said, getting brave.

Sam cracked a smile. “I have a lot of self-restraint, in case you haven’t noticed.” His hand lingered there on my shoulder. Then, contradicting that, he leaned down and kissed me. It was still sweet, but this time his hand moved down around my waist.

“What happened to self-restraint?” I said. He had ended the kiss but still had his hands down at my hips, brushing the hem of my shirt.

He moved his hands back up to my shoulders. “Sometimes it’s hard with you,” he said.

Jesus, and I felt guilty about some of my own thoughts. Although it at least proved Sam was still human.

It still didn’t seem like Mason and Vincent were coming back yet, so I pulled him back into a kiss. He responded by putting his hands back down and under my shirt in the back, resting his fingers on my spine. He didn’t go further than that, though. It frustrated me enough to pull him down to sit on my lap.

“Niel, you don’t want to go too far yet,” he said against my lips.

“Like hell I don’t.”

Sam stood up, and I expected a lecture about being impulsive, but it never came. He gently pulled me to the bed which was, admittedly, a better idea than the chair. I laid down, but just as he went back to kissing me, his hands going back under my shirt, the door opened.

“Jesus, Sam, lock the door if you’re gonna do that!” Mason said, backing away and closing the door. Vincent was right behind him, looking more shocked than angry as he did earlier.

My face was beat-red as Sam got to his feet, running a hand through his hair. “And this is why I practice self-restraint in the first place,” he said. When he saw how uncomfortable I was, he sighed. “Heh. Maybe another time.”

I was more than ready to go home. Sam opened the door and started talking to his younger brother, and I ran for it before anyone realized I was still there.

Just as I reached the end of the hall and went for the stairs, though, Sam caught up with me. “Niel, wait!” he said. When I turned, he wrapped me in a tight hug, and I had a hard time processing much else. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. We stood like that for a few seconds later.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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