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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Word Wednesday 2: Suckle

Sorry that this is late, but being that this is the week before spring vacation, my mind has been other places . Anyway, here we go!

Suckle is a verb most commonly used when referring to a baby nursing from his or her mother's breast (it can be a human or animal, as long as the basic anatomy is there). It can also, in some cases, refer to drinking from a bottle. Basically, anything that has a nipple, real or artificial. I've found in my travels that people seem to use this incorrectly to mean suck, but as stated, it's not quite the same idea :)

Suckle short story

The thing about my sister having her baby during the summer was that I got to stay there in the hospital with her and wouldn't get chewed out by my parents for skipping class. Two hours after my teenage sister came out yelling 'It's a boy!', my brother-in-law came out looking tired.

"She still saying this is your fault?" my boyfriend, Ryan, asked when he jolted awake at my touch and saw him.

Tim gave a dry laugh and said, "Come on, boys, Karen wants to see you now." He glanced between us before leading the way.

"Hey, Win," Karen said, looking tired. Her new baby boy was in her arms nursing, suckling and making no noise. "Isn't he beautiful?"

"Yeah," I said.

Karen glanced at the clock and apparently decided she had nursed him long enough. Before I knew it, she was sitting up and holding him to me. The baby opened its eyes slightly. "Hey Evan, it's Uncle Win."

I nervously took the baby, but then I smirked. "Hey, Evan, it's Uncle Ryan," I said, turning to my boyfriend.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "Smartass."

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