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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Word Wednesday 3: Peruse

Peruse is a verb that has to do with reading something. Unlike how many people seem to use it, though, it doesn't mean the same thing as just reading (or to just glance through it, as others seem to think!). To peruse something is to read it slowly and/or carefully. So if your boss tells you to peruse the materials for your next meeting, or your teacher/professor tells you to peruse a certain part of a chapter in your text book, they're telling you to pay attention to it! At least, they are if they're using it right :)

You can also sometimes use it in the context of looking at something, usually if it involves text. For instance, if you see me in a bookstore, I'm most likely perusing the shelves of the young adult section, taking a good look at every title even if I can't actually afford to get another book.

Peruse short story

“I don’t think you get what I’m saying,” my older sister said as she perused the book in front of her, never taking her eyes away. “There’s a ghost in the basement, and I’m going to exorcize it.” When I didn’t answer, she licked a finger and turned the page before examining a diagram.

“It’s probably just a rat,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Tracie, is this really how you’re going to act when our lives are in mortal danger? Without our parents here?”

“Natasha, if it really was a ghost down there, I somehow doubt a housewife and an overweight construction worker could do much about it.” I reached forward and took the book from her. As I suspected, it was about the occult. “Where did you get this, anyway?”

“The library,” Natasha said. “They have an entire section there.”

“Of course they do,” I muttered, and then I snapped the book shut and put it on top of the fridge where she couldn’t reach it. She may have been two years older than me, but I was two inches taller. “Just go to bed. Like I said, it’s a rat. Or a squirrel, or something that you can actually feel and be attacked by.”

Natasha gulped and ran for it at the prospect.


  1. I love that word. And I love the story you wrote to go with it. Well done!

  2. I'm enjoying these weekly features. The words you talk about are always interesting and creative.