Welcome To Fake Paradise!

This is the personal writing blog for Joana Hill, creative writing major extraordinaire! Here you'll find the random ramblings and occasional writings of a girl obsessed with gay romance and the yaoi manga FAKE. You've been warned.

About Joana

Name: Joana Hill
Age: 20
Occupation: Creative Writing student at the University of Maine at Farmington, aspiring young adult novelist and children's librarian
Email: mystymysts[at]gmail.com (regular)
joanamhill[at]gmail.com (professional)

Currently I'm a college student, learning the fine art of weaving stories while residing among the mountains of western Maine.  I hope to one day make at least a little money writing young adult novels, and my idol is Maureen Johnson.

I've been writing since I was a kid, starting with fanfics when I was eleven and my family got our first home computer (a Windows ME contraption with 129 megabytes of RAM; yeah I'm just old enough to remember those days).  I got into yaoi manga when I was fifteen and my sister let me dig through her collection when I was bored, which in turn fueled my interest in writing gay romance.  I write young adult specifically because I am not and never will be an adult.

Some of my favorite things include fried chicken, Pokemon, warm spring days, the color pink, and being easily amused.